PCLWorks Program

PCLWorks Program is the perfect solution for viewing, converting, and debugging today's PCL print streams. Using PCLWorks GUI interface end-users can easily convert PCL into JBIG2 compressed raster or vector/text PDF and PDF/A files. As well as, PCL to TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, PWG, PCLm, XPS, PCX, DCX, WMF and EMF formats.

PCLWorks is the most powerful converter of PCL3 thru PCL6/XL on the market today - including HPGL/2. PCLWorks not only converts PCL, it allows you to view, edit, disassemble, debug, extract text and print PCL to any Windows printer.

PCLWorks V17.0

PCLWorks is available in two distinct versions:
Product 32-bit 64-bit
PCLWorks Unlimited Was: $107.00 Now: $61.00 (57% reduction) Was: $131.00 Now: $71.00 (54% reduction)

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PCLTool SDK / PCLWorks: Release Note V17.0 PDF Icon

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Program Features

Developer Tool: A very useful, time-saving and paper-saving tool for anyone working with HP PCL3, PCL4, PCL5, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL XL(PCL6) and PCL6 JetReady applications.

Troubleshooting Tool: Helps technical support personnel solve printer problems. PCLWorks includes PCLCodes, the premier PCL debugging tool for the past 20+ yrs.

Logo/Signature/Overlay Creation Tool: Create PCL logos, signatures, letterheads, overlays and macros from TIFF or JPEG files with IMG2PCL.exe.

PCL Viewer: Preview your PCL files before you print or convert them to PDF.

PCL Converter: Convert PCL to PDF, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, PWG, PCLm, XPS and other formats for emailing, web content, archiving or for distribution to third parties as a Portable Document or Browser-Ready Format.

Print PCL to Non-PCL Printers: Print PCL to printers like HP DeskJets®, Canon BubbleJets®, Windows Only(GDI), PostScript® and other non-pcl printers.

File Extractor: Extract and normalize individual PCL pages for analysis, conversion or printing.

PCL File Splitter: Split pages with the PCLWorks Convert Dialog or with PCLSplit.exe.

PCL File Optimizer: Optimize PCL files from the Modify PCL Dialog or with PCLFilter.exe.

JPEG or TIFF to PDF Coverter: Convert JPEG or TIFF files to PDF format with IMG2PDF.exe.

Text Extractor: Extract text from PCL for migration into other applications with TNXDUMPG.exe.

Supports the new PWG and PCLm Raster Formats: PageTech tools are now able to read, write and edit the job ticketing information found in the PWG and PCLm mobile print file formats.