Updates & Maintenance Releases

A product like PCLWorks requires ongoing development and continual updates in order to keep-up with new and improved PCL printer drivers. And, PCLWorks also needs to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in PDF and other output formats. Updates within vX.x release level are provided for free.

Recommended PCLWorks Update Process:

1. Always check for the latest PCLWorks Release Note (PTRelnote.pdf). It will contain the version number of the latest release available for downloading.

If you took our advice on the download instructions page and saved the downloaded zip file for the existing release, it will have the version number in the last three numbers in the filename (ie. PCLWorks_v15x.zip).

Example: v15.45 is an update to v15.4

If you did not have the zip downloaded for the existing install, then you can look inside the PTRelnot.pdf file that was installed with it. It is located in the PCLWorks icon group or go directly to .\program files\pagetech\PCLWorks_15x\PTRelnot.pdf.

You can convert a file and then look into the .log file generated and find the version number on the log file line "Message : PCLW_15x - PT232-104-15x:09000123135". The version number will always be in the position where "15x" is located.

2. If you wish to update your current version of PCLWorks with a newer version. Just install on top of the current release.

If while running SETUP.exe from the PCLWorks_15x.zip a problem is detected, you will be prompted to exit and uninstall/remove the existing version. Be sure to back-up anything files that you wish to retain in our install folders.

After you remove the current version and delete any shortcuts created, Run SETUP.exe from the PCLWorks_15x.zip again to install the latest release.