Convert PCL to PDF with PCLWorks Program

PCLWorks Program is the perfect solution for viewing, converting, and debugging today's PCL print streams. Using PCLWorks GUI interface quickly and easily convert PCL into JBIG2 compressed raster or vector/text PDF and PDF/A files. As well as, PCL to TIFF, PNG, XPS, JPG, BMP, PCX, DCX, WMF and EMF formats.

PCLWorks is the most powerful converter of PCL3 thru PCL6/XL on the market today - including HPGL/2. PCLWorks not only converts PCL, but it allows you to view, edit, disassemble, debug, extract text and print PCL to any Windows printer.

PageTech is the first to convert PCL to PDF/A format and recently added PCL to JPG conversion. PageTech has been continually developing upgrades to its PCL transformation solutions since 1993.

PCLWorks v15.0  Convert PCL to PDF with PCLWorks v14.0

PCLWorks is now available in four distinct versions:

32-bit 64-bit
PCLWorks $61.00 $71.00
PCLWorks Unlimited $107.00 $131.00

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PCLTool SDK / PCLWorks Release Note v15.0: PTRelnot PDF Link

Program Features

Primary Uses

    Developer Tool: A very useful, time-saving and paper-saving tool for anyone working with HP PCL4, PCL5, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL XL(PCL6) and PCL6 JetReady applications.

    Troubleshooting Tool: Helps technical support personnel solve printer problems. It includes PCLCodes, the premier PCL debugging tool for the last 20+ yrs.

    Logo/Signature/Overlay Creation Tool: Create PCL logos, signatures, letterheads, overlays and macros from TIFF or JPEG files with IMG2PCL.exe.

    PCL Viewer: Preview your PCL before you print.

  • Convert PCL to PDF, TIFF, XPS, JPG, PNG and other formats for emailing, web content, archiving or for distribution to third parties as a Portable Document or Browser-Ready Format.
  • Extract and normalize individual PCL pages for analysis.
  • Split pages with the PCLWorks Convert dialog or with PCLSplit.exe.
  • Optimize PCL files from the Modify PCL dialog or with PCLFilter.exe.
  • Print to Non-PCL Printers (like: HP DeskJets®, Canon BubbleJets®, Windows Only(GDI), PostScript® and others).
  • Convert JPEG or TIFF to PDF format with IMG2PDF.exe.
  • Convert JPEG or TIFF to XPS format with IMG2XPS.exe.
  • Extract text from PCL for migration into other applications with TNXDUMPG.exe.
  • PWG and PCLm Raster Formats for Mobile Devices and the Cloud with soon-to-required Job Ticketing metadata

Core Programs

Optimize PCL before Converting PCL to PDFPCLOPTIMIZE.exe: Utility program that optimizes PCL files by eliminating fonts that are downloaded redundantly. It even eliminated redundantly downloaded characters of temporary download fonts generated by Windows printer drivers.

  • PCLWorks.exe:GUI only program used to Convert PCL to PDF, PDF/A, TIF, PNG, XPS, JPG, BMP, PCX, DCX, WMF and EMF formats.
  • PCLCodes.exe: Utility program used to convert PCL files into readable text for purposes of troubleshooting and advanced font substitutions.
  • PCLSplit.exe: Utility console program that splits PCL print streams into smaller files by page count or by keyword or into single page files.
  • PCLFILTER.exe: Utility console program to search and replace within a PCL print stream to make pre-conversion modifications or corrections to the file.
  • IMG2PCL.exe: Utility program used to convert TIFF or JPEG image files into PCL for logo, signature, overlays and macros.
  • IMG2PDF.exe: Utility program used to convert TIFF or JPEG image files into PDF for archiving or distribution.
  • IMG2XPS.exe: Utility program used to convert TIFF or JPEG image files into XPS for archiving or distribution.
  • TNXDUMPG.exe: Utility program to re-format the text extracted from a PCL file into various ASCII formats for data migration applications.

System Requirements

Requirements: Either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows platform Win XP/2000 and above.

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